Teadlased tegijale

Konverents Hollandis 04.-06.07.2018

04.-06.07.2018 toimub Hollandis konverents teemal: “Cooperatives in a rapidly changing world: innovation in enterprise and community”. Rohkem informatsiooni leiab järgnevalt lingilt: http://www.ica2018.nl/

Konverents Inglismaal 01.09.-03.09.2017

01.09.-03.09.2017 toimub Inglismaal konverents teemal: “The Co-operative Common Wealth“. Rohkem informatsiooni leiab järgnevalt lingilt: https://ukscs.coop/node/26

Konverents Šotimaal 20.06.-23.06.2017

International Co-operative Alliance korraldab teaduskonverentsi Šotimaal. Programmiga saab tutvuda järgmisel lingil: Event programme – International Co- operative Alliance Global Research Conference

Helsinki suvekool 08.08.-24.08.2017

Kursus ühistegevuse seadusandluse kohta Helsinkis 08.08.-24.08.2017. Rohkem informatsiooni leiab järgnevatelt linkidelt:

Co-op Enterprise Law Course


(Co-operative Enterprise Law. The course is taught by Dr Hagen Henrÿ and it takes place from August 8 to August 24, 2017 in Helsinki and it’s fully taught in English. The course is targeted for advanced Bachelor’s and Master’s students, including professionals already working, with at least a strong interest in co-operative law.)

Konverents Kuala Lumpur´is 14.11.-17.11.2017

International Co-operative Alliance korraldab ühistegevuse konverentsi Malaisias 2017.a. novembris. Rohkem infot leiab järgnevalt lingilt:

Co-operatives – Putting people at the centre of development

(Global Conference and General Assembly, Co-operatives: Putting people at the centre of development, 14 to 17 November 2017, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia)

Konverents Seoul´is 2017.a. novembris

International Co-operative Alliance korraldab teadlastele konverentsi 2017.a. novembris. Rohkem informatsiooni leiab järgnevalt lingilt:

12th ICA – AP Regional Cooperative Research Conference 2017

(Call for Papers for the Alliance’s Asia & Pacific Research Committee’s conference (to take place in November 2017 in Seoul). TWO (2) best paper awards ($500 and $300).)

Juhtimise konverents Londonis 11.12.-12.12.2017

Konverents on ühistute teemaline ja rohkem informatsiooni leiab järgnevatelt linkidelt:

13th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance



(13th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance taking place in London 11-12 December 2017. The conference includes a track on co-operatives.)